Monday, April 4, 2011

Snow, really?

Yes really, it snowed again this morning - the 4th of April. It didn't stay on the ground long, but it didn't really matter considering we still have snow that hasn't melted yet. It is too muddy to do anything outside right now anyway. The dogs are tracking mud all over the house everytime they come in from outside....what a great time of the year!!

Here's a page I finished up last night - loved the nice green grass, I can't wait! I had to go out onto the deck to take the picture because I waited too long and didn't have enough light inside. As I was out there, one of our dogs proceeded to step (with her muddy paws) on the page. Not sure if the paw prints show up on here or not, but never fails to be easy around here. Anyways, hope you enjoy the page, it was a fun one. I used a sketch from Page Maps - love that site.
Have a great rest of your Monday!

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