Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amber Ink #2

So I told you last time that I found this "Love bunny - flowered" stamp that I just loved. Not only is it adorable, but it is extremely vers-a-tile!! (Isn't that a fun word to say) This stamp was the inspiration for my Amber Ink #2 project, since we have pretty free reign on our projects, I had trouble deciding what to do - so I used the bunny to do it all! He made a great addition to my Easter flowers for my mom and mother-in-law, made a super fun Thank you card paired with the "Bunny, Bunny, kiss, kiss tiny blue paper" and I just don't know which is cuter on my scrapbook page, the bunny or Grace! I am finding that these digi-stamps are about the coolest thing EVER! Although after seeing my fellow torchbearers projects, I am realizing that I may need to break down and invest in some copic markers. I'm afraid that if I do then that would require taking a class to learn to use them too. Isn't that somewhat funny - grown women taking a class to learn to color. I thougt it was a bit amusing.

Anyways, onto the big reveal...

The scrapbook page is based on a sketch from Pencil Line sketches.

Check back next week for Amber Ink project number 3. I am also hoping to get some pages posted this weekend - I get to have mom time Friday night and Saturday as all the kids and dad are going to plant trees with Grandpa...hopefully the house will get cleaned on Friday so I can scrap the night and day away.

Have a great scrappy day - Enjoy!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter...

So I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We had a nice, relaxing day at both grandma's houses. The kids now have more bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sand buckets and butterfly nets than they can carry, but life is good. The weather actually cooperated too, not to worry though we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow. It's not May yet, I guess! Summer will feel so fabulous when, if ever, it arrives. Here is a picture of my fabulous 4 yesterday. We decided to forgo the Easter dresses in favor of some clothes they may actually wear again...I was happy with the decision. Molly was not so much. I realized yesterday morning that Luke, my youngest, does not have a single new item of clothing in his dresser. He gets hand me downs from his brother and has 3 cousins who pass things onto him as well. He honestly doesn't care, but I may have to invest in at least one new shirt for the poor boy.

The picture is the not the greatest, but they are all looking at the camera so that is progress here.

On another note, my second Amber Ink project is due this week. I will give you a little sneak peek - I found this stamp and thought it was so absolutely adorable that I just had to use it....check back later this week to see what I came up with.

Welcome to my new followers too - I am so excited that I am now up to 7! Thanks for following along with me and my scrappy life!

Have a great week - Enjoy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The secret is out!

My very exciting, very big secret is out! I have the very cool honor of being a torchbearer for Amber Ink. My friend Tammy Hellstern nominated me to design for the Amber Ink gals. Thanks for the love Tammy. I am now the brown torchbearer for the next month -
I will explain what all that means in a second, but first, check out my new badge...

Pretty cool, huh?? I sure think so. So now onto the good stuff - what is Amber Ink you might ask, I sure asked. It is an uber cool online, digital scrapping supply site along with an awesome blog. This digital scrappin' stuff is new to me, but it is so simple and so incredibly easy. Just check out the site, pick out what you like and complete your purchase. Once that is done, you get directions to download to your computer and use whenever and as much as you like. I especially love their digi stamps, I saved mine on Word and I can resize, change the color and print to my little hearts content. Give it a try, I guarantee you'll love it too!

There are a few more ladies joining me on my journey as torchbearer. They are....Cathy Weber is the new Blue torcherbearer, Michele Greenwood is rocking the Orange torch, Anne Cullen is pretty as the Pink torchbearer and Jane Matsumoto is running with the Purple torch. Check out their sites as the month rolls on to see what fabulous creations they come up with.

Now onto the really good stuff - here's the card I made for our first official assignment.

I used the "spin pin" paper in a couple of different sizes and shades. Love the pages of paper choices! I also used the cute as can be "you set my heart a flutter" stamp, just printed it right out on my cardstock - so simple, so easy, so perfectly perfect! The flower design is scraplifted from a very talented gal at the scrap-room. It is 3 circles cut out and folded into quarters. On 2 of the circles, I cut along the folds, almost to the middle, but not all the way through. The third was cut into quarters. I distressed the edges a bit and layered then I added my heart into the middle - VOILA! Here's a close up on the flower itself -

So I think that about covers it - WOW! Tomorrow on the Amber Ink blog is Aloha Friday, hope to see you there. Check back soon to see some more great assignments, until then have a great scrappy day! Enjoy -

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sketchy Thursday

Well it was a bit of a sketchy husband has been gone for training all week and last night the kids thought it would be a good idea to go to the ball field to start getting ready for Pee Wee baseball season. I brought along the tee and set the 3 little kids up in the outfield hitting balls and pitched to my oldest. At this time, I thought everything was going fantastic. Then I brought them in and they got to hit while their big brother fielded the balls. My oldest darling daughter (we use words like spunky and high-strung when discussing her) got extremely upset about something, still not sure what set her off. She really wanted to hit, which she did and does very well, but only walked to the base after hitting. Then she got mad when she would get thrown out.

She really is an angel 95% of the time, it's that other 5% that is the challenge. When it was finally time to leave, she refused to get into the van. She sat in the dugout yelling that she was staying at the field! When we finally got home, she sat in the van by herself for 10 minutes before coming inside. She didn't even want to talk to her dad on the phone when he called. Then this morning she was back to her sweet, happy self. Kids are a joy, aren't they:) Here is a very simple page of her at t-ball last year that I just finished. She ends up being about the only girl who shows up.If you look at the 4th of July page of Luke, you will see it's same sketch, different paper. Kind of a boring page, but a good page is a done page, right?

As for sketchy Thursday, here is the page I did last night based on a sketch from Sketchy Thursdays. They are looking for a guest designer for May and this was the sketch. The page feels like it needed something more, but when I start adding things just to add, I usually end up disappointed with the results. If anyone has any suggestions....

Have a great day - Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just one more page

This is, I promise, the last 4th of July page for awhile. At least until I get to 2010 pictures anyway. Luke was soooo cute, he was singing Happy Birthday to me (mom) and dancing away. He got so carried away that everyone else basically stopped singing to watch him. Of course I got a little teary eyed at how cute he was and couldn't take a decent, steady, picture of him singing and dancing.

The page is based on the April 7th Sassy sketch . The hand made flowers were easy peasy too - check back soon and maybe I will do a little tutorial on how to make them. Until then, have a great afternoon!


My favorite things

If you've been checking out my pages lately you'll notice a few common things - Luke seems to be dominating the pages, especially him from the 4th of July. I loved the pictures of him and have scrapped 6 pages from that same day. The color red, the stars and those fabulously fun triangle banners all seem to be favorites as well. I dare you to try a banner on a page....they may become a favorite of yours too! Here's the page I finished last night - the color is a bit dull because the sun wasn't quite out when I snapped the picture. There is only one more 4th of July page sitting on my desk waiting for letters to get glued on then I promise to move onto something else.

The page is based on the Scrap-Room's blog sketch challenge.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shhhh...I have a secret

Really I do, but I can't share just yet so you'll have to keep checking back in the next few weeks! It is something new and way out of my comfort zone - so it will either give you all a great chuckle or may turn out fabulous. I guess you'll just have to wait and see....

Anyways, the scrapping bug seems to have hit lately and I have a few more pages to share with you. That scrapping bug better keep biting, the pages are both from the 4th of July - - in 2009. I am happy with both of them, but looking at them on the computer I am realizing that the one with the stars on top could have used something more on top, a little shape of some kind and the other one could have used a splash of a brighter color somewhere. Live and learn I guess!

I used a sketch from Page Maps for the "just you" LO and from Sassy sketches for the "Firework" LO.

Have a great afternoon - the sun is finally shining here. Hopefully it is sunny for you too. Enjoy -

Monday, April 4, 2011

Snow, really?

Yes really, it snowed again this morning - the 4th of April. It didn't stay on the ground long, but it didn't really matter considering we still have snow that hasn't melted yet. It is too muddy to do anything outside right now anyway. The dogs are tracking mud all over the house everytime they come in from outside....what a great time of the year!!

Here's a page I finished up last night - loved the nice green grass, I can't wait! I had to go out onto the deck to take the picture because I waited too long and didn't have enough light inside. As I was out there, one of our dogs proceeded to step (with her muddy paws) on the page. Not sure if the paw prints show up on here or not, but never fails to be easy around here. Anyways, hope you enjoy the page, it was a fun one. I used a sketch from Page Maps - love that site.
Have a great rest of your Monday!