Monday, March 7, 2011


Here's my latest page - nothing to earth shattering. I had planned to journal on the page and tell about how funny my little guy is. He had written all over himself in marker and found these cheap plastic sunglasses that he loved. He was so darn cute standing at the counter in his underwear! The printed pattern paper reads quotes like "we do not remember days, we remember moments", with paper like that who needs to journal:) But the page and the pictures definately made me smile and remember those moments.....I could use more of those moments right now. My darling 4 are currently arguing over who has picked up the most toys in the basement. My answer for that is none of them since it is still a disaster. Off to referee, I mean be mom and straighten things out. Have a great evening - Enjoy!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Believe or not it's still cold here. Is spring ever coming? I took a walk this morning and was so cold that I came back in after about 10 you can tell I am anxiously awaiting the warm weather that has to come soon!! It does give me more time to scrap since we are cooped up inside. Here is my latest creation - based on a sketch from Page Maps. This shows how truly far behind I am in my scrapping, it was from the winter of 2008. I SO miss having a baby in the house. The little guy in the picture is now 4 (and a half, he reminds me daily) and is so far from being a baby.

We spent alot of the weekend at basketball games - my nephew won both games - Regional champs and he plays later this week at Sectionals. They are so exciting to watch.
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have a great week!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet & Sour

Good Friday afternoon! I have a somewhat funny story to share. I decided a few weeks ago that our family needed to broaden our horizons in the meal department. We are a family of picky eaters and I am probably the worst. So I bought all the fixings to make Sweet and Sour chicken. I tried to sell it to the kids as it is really only chicken nuggets with sweet ketchup. So our supper went like this - my oldest sat and stared at the chicken and only when bribed with a Dairy Queen treat did he choke down 2 small pieces. Molly, the next one actually ate hers up pretty quick and moved onto tomato soup that dad cooked (just in case). The littlest of them ate 4 helpings of rice and refused to taste the chicken. Not even the DQ bribe worked. The last of the kiddos, really wanted ice cream - she would take the smallest nibble and wash it down with a whole glass of milk. After 3 glasses of milk, I switched her to water. All the while explaining that your body can not hold that much liquid and she was going to get sick. Being 6 and somewhat stubborn lately she didn't listen. Just a few minutes and a few nibbles later the glasses of water came flowing back up - needless to say, no ice cream for her. Life with 4 kids is never dull! My husband did enjoy the supper - I'm not sure what we are going to try next time (it won't be sweet & sour chicken that's for sure)

So tonight we are off to watch my nephew and his basketball team in the regional playoffs. They played at the state tournament last year and have a great chance to make another run there this year. Tonight they play the team from the town where we live and that my kids go to school in - makes the decision of who to cheer for a little more difficult. Anyways, good luck tonight Kyle - Go Bears! Here's a fun picture of my kiddos from last year's state basketball tournament. I made the t-shirts and along with some other cousins they spelled out Go Kyle and they all had his number on the back.


Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Summer fix

Good cold morning - I am so tired of this cold winter. 2 weeks ago we got a little tease of spring, it was 50 degrees and the snow was it is windy and cold and we are predicted to get another 4 inches of snow tomorrow - enough already!! Anyways, I thought I would at least put a little summer sun here, so hope you enjoy this sun-filled page as much as I do. My little Luke thought his big brother had caught the biggest fish ever - the fish is actually so small it is tough to see.
Have a great Wednesday - Enjoy!