Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

So I am finally used to the little man going to school and now he goes and turns 5! For some reason I have a tough time with the odd numbered has nothing to do with the fact that my baby is no longer a baby! It is amazing how much they change in 5 years - here is a pic of the cute little guy the day he was born and his school pic taken a few weeks ago

Almost makes me want another one - ALMOST! Anyways, Happy Birthday Luke!

So onto the pages I promised last week,

I like them much better than the last 2 pages. Some more summer fun from 2009! The second page still could use a title, but I am at a loss for one. I LOVED the paper on the second page too. Almost enough that I didn't want to cut into it. The hearts and striped were a 2 sided-paper. Lucky for me I had 2 sheets of it and I only had to use 5 inches:) Now I am sure the rest of it will become a collectors item in my stash of scrappy things. Those ladies at the Scrap-Room sure do know how to pick some fabulous papers in their monthly kits!!

Have a great day -



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

As promised, pages and a new pet!

So I did promise a few scrappy things...I am posting the first 2 pages I made after a long summer hiatus of merely collecting scrapping supplies. They are definately not the most amazing pages ever that is for sure. It seems to take me awhile to get back into the swing of things after not scrapping for awhile. But I need to remind myself that a good page is a done page. Also I think I better remind myself - no more 4 month breaks (if you look really close these are summer pages, too bad it is summer of 2009!). I've got a couple more pages that I like better and will hopefully post tomorrow.

Looking back on things now, I should have made them into a 2 page layout, but that thought didn't cross my mind until AFTER the pages were done. Also one of my new favorite supplies (it's really hard to see on the pic) is printed, tape. I used it on the page on the right, below the reddish paper is some really cool blue heart tape. Oh what fun!

Onto the new pet - if you know me, you may be wondering what in the world this crazy lady needs another pet for (4 children, 5 if you count Kraig, 2 dogs, a home daycare) but Grace really thought she needed a rabbit. I was not real keen on the idea of a rabbit. I had one growing up and it wasn't the most social animal ever. I also forgot to feed it for a couple of days one winter and it was frozen solid the next time I went out to check on it. So after some careful deliberation meet....

Brauny the Guinea Pig (named after Ryan Braun). He is a pretty cute little guy. Grace and Luke are sharing the honor of being his 'owner'. Although Luke is terrified to hold him. He looks pretty ferocious, huh? The good news is he is quiet, doesn't smell and won't freeze outside this winter. He was an early birthday present for the both of them.

Anyways, hope you like the pages and the cute guinea pig. Have a great evening - Enjoy!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm back!

Hello all - no, I didn't abandon the world of blogging. I just got a bit lost in a busy, somewhat stressful summer. It was a great summer, don't get me wrong. Just a bit stressful with some things that are completely out of our control. I am trying to be patient with these things I have no control over...but its just not in my personality type!! Anyways, I am here now and even have found some time to scrap lately - YEAH!! I will hopefully get a page up here tomorrow.

I do have a few pictures to share with you all - my kiddos started school a few weeks ago. All 4 of was having a really tough time sending my baby off to school. Thank god he only goes for half the day. But as I went to take him that very first day it was really hard to be too upset. He cheered as I pulled into the parking lot and I could barely keep up with the little man as he RAN, yes, RAN to get to his classroom. He was quite disappointed that he didn't get to ride the bus to school that day. But at least he let me walk him to his room and then I had to beg for a hug before I left. It does make me happy that all 4 of them love school as much as they do. And with all of them gone, gives me some time to clean house (ha, ha) and scrapbook! Here's a couple pics of them all on the first day


Hope you are all enjoying the drastic change in the weather...only in Wisconsin do we go from the air conditioning on Monday to the heat on Wednesday! Have a great day and check back soon I promise to have some scrappy things to share. Enjoy -


Monday, May 30, 2011

Baseball and Freedom

What a great weekend it has been here. We spent a very nice Memorial day today with our family. Tradition takes us to the cemetery for the Veteran's service and gun salute. We then head to Great-grandma's house for cinammon rolls - they are delicious!! We finish the day at Grandma's with a wonderful cookout (with way too much food!). It is a great day to remember the very special people who fought for our freedom and spend a day with our family.

Since it was a holiday weekend we decided a trip to Miller Park to cheer on our Brewer's was in order. I always knew that having kids was expensive, diapers for 4 was proof of that. But no one ever tells you about all the small things....finding a hotel room that allows 6 people, let alone has beds for 6 is nearly impossible. I finally did find a hotel room in Milwaukee that would work, they even had a shuttle for the game. So I called early Saturday morning to sign us up - too bad they only had room left for 5! Lucky for now our van still fits the 6 of us - although with the way the kids are growing, I'm not sure that will be true for long. Once we got to the game, we had a wonderful time. Sam got a batting practice home-run ball. Bernie Brewer was back (that made Luke's whole summer). The girls found the ice cream stand with the helmets of ice cream. And that was all before the game even started. An in the park home run hit by the Brewer's in the bottom of the first was so much fun to see. Then it was a tie ball game in the bottom of the 9th inning....Ryan Braun fouled off a ball that was headed for our section and wouldn't you know it, Kraig caught it! What are the chances? We even made it on tv! The Brewers finished off the game with a suicide squeeze bunt and scored. Best game we've been too by far!! It was a great kick-off to summer.

As for scrapping life has been busy and crazy, but I have managed to squeeze just a bit in. This is a page I had done for Sketchy Thursdays....too bad I went to post it a day late for the challenge. Oh well, at least I like how it turned out. The challenge was a sketch and a picture of some old china floral pattern coffee cups - I had just happened to get my kit that day and this paper was all I could think of - worked well:)



Monday, May 23, 2011

The torch is passed

Somehow my time as the brown torchbearer is over already! I am a bit sad but am super excited to announce who is grabbing hold and running with it. Since none of my in-person scrapping friends have blogs, I went to my online gals and the very first person who came to mind was a super talented lady named Laura Kayra. I met Laura online at the Scrap Room and have been blown away by her amazing pages. Check out her work at her blog Not only are her fabulous creations on her blog, but it is in 3 different languages so you can learn something too. I also want to give her a big congratulations on her recent engagement. Have a blast Laura - I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Here is a recap of all the projects I made for my time as torcherbearer.

I want to thank all the gals at Amber Ink for allowing me to design for them and also to all the other talented torcherbears who ran with me. It was a great month!

Have a great week - Enjoy!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is it!

I know you all have being on the edge of your seats waiting to see my very last Amber Ink project...This one uses the very first paper that I found when shopping on their site. Loved the bright orange flowers, very spring-like. I really love how they have 3 different shades of the same color and pattern. I used the muted orange flowers for the bottom. The "dream" stamp is also an Amber stamp - they have tons of one word stamps....I just resized it and printed it out on the bottom of my cardstock. Love it! The card is really very simple, but I am a pretty simple gal - hope you enjoy it!

So life here is crazy again - baseball season has started. Not sure who enjoys it more Coach Dad or 10 year old. They won their first game Monday night, well coached game by dad. Also well played by Sam - he pitched 2 innings and struck out 6 guys. Also had a walk and a big hit! Pretty fun to watch. They play again tomorrow, hopefully things go as well as they did on Monday.

My reign as the brown torcherbear comes to end on Monday. I can't tell you who I am passing the torch onto just yet, but I will tell you she is a super talented, amazing lady! Until then have a great day - Enjoy!


Friday, May 13, 2011


Here's my latest creation for the Amber Ink gals. It's a really simple card design. I used scraps of paper that I had used on other projects, punched them into squares and rounded 2 of the corners. I think I should have rounded the corners a bit and learn, right?

Today is also Aloha Friday over on the Amber Ink blog - Head on over and check it out - and if anyone wants to clue me in on how to post a picture from the web onto the links let me know so I can play along too:)

Have a great weekend and check back next week for my last project - I'll try to make it a good one. Enjoy!