Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boys, boys, boys

I have such a tough time getting a picture of my oldest! He should be used to the camera and having his mother trying to get a picture or 2 (or 20). But it never fails, all I ask for is a smile on one picture - I really don't think that is asking for too much. Although I must admit sometimes the goofy ones tell the story so much better. These pictures were from 4th of July last summer. We spend the day with our wonderful family and I try every year to get a picture of each of the kids in my mother-in-laws' beautiful gardens. I tried to get Sam to stand in amongst the flowers and that was hopeless. So we tried sitting on the deck - - he finally gave up and covered his face...giggling away under his hands. Someday I may get a smile, for now I am fine with the happy kid who can't figure out how to smile.
The LO is based on the latest fabulous sketch from Sassy Lil sketches. Enjoy!