Monday, March 7, 2011


Here's my latest page - nothing to earth shattering. I had planned to journal on the page and tell about how funny my little guy is. He had written all over himself in marker and found these cheap plastic sunglasses that he loved. He was so darn cute standing at the counter in his underwear! The printed pattern paper reads quotes like "we do not remember days, we remember moments", with paper like that who needs to journal:) But the page and the pictures definately made me smile and remember those moments.....I could use more of those moments right now. My darling 4 are currently arguing over who has picked up the most toys in the basement. My answer for that is none of them since it is still a disaster. Off to referee, I mean be mom and straighten things out. Have a great evening - Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Katie! This is Amber from Amber Ink. You've been nominated to be a torchbearer for this coming month, but the email I have for you keeps bouncing back. Can you email me at info (at) ? Thanks!