Thursday, April 21, 2011

The secret is out!

My very exciting, very big secret is out! I have the very cool honor of being a torchbearer for Amber Ink. My friend Tammy Hellstern nominated me to design for the Amber Ink gals. Thanks for the love Tammy. I am now the brown torchbearer for the next month -
I will explain what all that means in a second, but first, check out my new badge...

Pretty cool, huh?? I sure think so. So now onto the good stuff - what is Amber Ink you might ask, I sure asked. It is an uber cool online, digital scrapping supply site along with an awesome blog. This digital scrappin' stuff is new to me, but it is so simple and so incredibly easy. Just check out the site, pick out what you like and complete your purchase. Once that is done, you get directions to download to your computer and use whenever and as much as you like. I especially love their digi stamps, I saved mine on Word and I can resize, change the color and print to my little hearts content. Give it a try, I guarantee you'll love it too!

There are a few more ladies joining me on my journey as torchbearer. They are....Cathy Weber is the new Blue torcherbearer, Michele Greenwood is rocking the Orange torch, Anne Cullen is pretty as the Pink torchbearer and Jane Matsumoto is running with the Purple torch. Check out their sites as the month rolls on to see what fabulous creations they come up with.

Now onto the really good stuff - here's the card I made for our first official assignment.

I used the "spin pin" paper in a couple of different sizes and shades. Love the pages of paper choices! I also used the cute as can be "you set my heart a flutter" stamp, just printed it right out on my cardstock - so simple, so easy, so perfectly perfect! The flower design is scraplifted from a very talented gal at the scrap-room. It is 3 circles cut out and folded into quarters. On 2 of the circles, I cut along the folds, almost to the middle, but not all the way through. The third was cut into quarters. I distressed the edges a bit and layered then I added my heart into the middle - VOILA! Here's a close up on the flower itself -

So I think that about covers it - WOW! Tomorrow on the Amber Ink blog is Aloha Friday, hope to see you there. Check back soon to see some more great assignments, until then have a great scrappy day! Enjoy -


  1. Awesome job, Katie! I knew you could do it! Can;t wait to see what else you have in store for us...

  2. WOW! Off to an amazing start! I'm loving your first project and that spin pin heart flower is suhweet!

  3. Love it! Congrats, so exciting!!
    Think back to our first scrapbooks we made 20 years ago or so. Sitting on the floor scrapping away w/our glue sticks...what if we would have had all the goodies that we have now...:)

  4. I love your card! The flower is gorgeous! Congrats on catching the Amber Ink torch!

    ~Cheryl~ - Orange Amber Ink Torchbearer February 2011

  5. Wow, Katie! I love what you did with the paper... beautiful flower! Great job!

  6. oh wow Katie, I love what you did with the papers. Fabulous card.
    Anne x

  7. I love what you did with this card, Katie. The flower is so cute and I love the colors and sentiment you chose. The papers really were perfect for this card. Great job and congrats on carrying the torch this month.