Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter...

So I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We had a nice, relaxing day at both grandma's houses. The kids now have more bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sand buckets and butterfly nets than they can carry, but life is good. The weather actually cooperated too, not to worry though we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow. It's not May yet, I guess! Summer will feel so fabulous when, if ever, it arrives. Here is a picture of my fabulous 4 yesterday. We decided to forgo the Easter dresses in favor of some clothes they may actually wear again...I was happy with the decision. Molly was not so much. I realized yesterday morning that Luke, my youngest, does not have a single new item of clothing in his dresser. He gets hand me downs from his brother and has 3 cousins who pass things onto him as well. He honestly doesn't care, but I may have to invest in at least one new shirt for the poor boy.

The picture is the not the greatest, but they are all looking at the camera so that is progress here.

On another note, my second Amber Ink project is due this week. I will give you a little sneak peek - I found this stamp and thought it was so absolutely adorable that I just had to use it....check back later this week to see what I came up with.

Welcome to my new followers too - I am so excited that I am now up to 7! Thanks for following along with me and my scrappy life!

Have a great week - Enjoy!

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