Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh bear...

So last week turned out to be one of those weeks! It all started out with my oldest son Sam losing half of one of his permanent teeth playing flag football at Summer school. In the grand scheme of things, not a huge deal. Especially knowing Sam - he is a very active, not all that careful 9 year old. Tuesday evening my husband left for a few days for training for work. When I got up Wednesday morning, I let our dogs outside. They immediately took off barking. I looked outside to a black bear eating our garbage! He was in no big hurry to leave either. The dogs barked at him for nearly 20 minutes before he finally left. I do daycare in my home and had parents dropping off their kids shortly - so I was glad to see him go, but jumpy all morning. I finally had relaxed a bit by early afternoon only to see him back AGAIN!! Because my husband was gone, I called a friend of ours to see if he could come over and get him to leave. He came over and began throwing things at the bear and making noise, which only made the bear climb up a tree. He borrowed my son's be-be gun and shot at the bear for nearly 15 minutes....the bear sat in the tree fairly unfazed. The bear sat in the tree for nearly 10 minutes after he left and finally came down. My very brave dog chased him down our yard a little ways only to have him go up another tree. Finally he came down from there and left. I called the DNR and had to beg to get them to set up a trap to catch the bear. They delivered that the next day and of course now the bear hasn't been seen. 3 more days of the trap and I am quite sure he will come back on the 4th day!

After all this, I was a little excited to show off my pictures of our friend the bear. I went to upload them to our computer only to have the computer die....would not even turn on! It was a 10 year old computer, so I really can't complain too much - but at least it could have waited one more week. So after 2 days of no computer, I made the trip to Best Buy to get a new one. I had been a little slow in backing up my pictures. Being the scrapbooker I am, I couldn't just leave them on the old computer. So for a mere $149 the Geek squad took them off my hard drive and put them on my new computer. So here I sit with my fabulous new computer (it really is fabulous and even turns on and off when I want it too) and can show off my friend the bear - hope you all had a much less hectic week than I did. Isn't summer supposed to be the season of lazy, quiet days....maybe next week:)

The bear is about 15 feet from my front door!

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