Wednesday, March 10, 2010


403 - That's the magic number! The kids and I counted and I have 403 pieces of 12x12 pattern paper. Actually I will have 419 after today's mail comes because my monthly kit is on the way. I did notice while I was counting that some of that paper was YEARS old. I should probably go through it and let the kids have some more play paper. I guess that means I have years worth of paper to keep me company or maybe it means I really should scrap more and buy less! By any means, I won't be running out anytime soon. I'm curious if I am the only scrapping 'collector' out there or does anyone else have way too much of a scrapping supply? Let me know - leave me a post if you get a chance!
Here's another page I did with just a touch of pattern paper - it was from the same day as the last page I posted. Grace just loved watching the ships in the harbor. Enjoy!

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  1. While I do use all my products (at least a part of them at some point) I, too, am a "collector" - I have way more than I will be able to use in a long, long time...just don't tell my hubby! :)